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kagome26's Journal

Kagome Dirksmeyer
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Name: Kagome Lynn D

A.K.A Baby Bubbles and JPOPGIRL and Trackmasterss KLD

Nationality: Part Japanese (Mother) Part American Part German Part English

Born in the USA

And yes I am Japanese

I have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister Tatsumi

At Age 13 I had to Take Bridal Training


Favorite Color: Pink & Red

Favorite Drink: Soda, Beer, Sake , Tea, Wine, Mix Drinks

Favorite Quotes:
A woman heart is filled with many things! But the people she loves is always on top of everything else!, I may be lost and confused about the future, but I will not forget you!, Remember You Can`t Fix Stupid , These Are The Good Old Days

Work for a Major Record Label